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公司簡介 - 寶城電子公司

寶城電子公司 - 專門從事電腦相關的產品市場,其核心業務主要集中在批發及零售也提供電腦維修服務。  今天,我們的服務範圍己經超出香港,寶城電子 - 提供了全系列的DIY和專業品質的電腦外設,包括從一條網路線到整個電腦網絡系統,都應有盡有。
寶城電子 - 始於1999年,開始在香港作為一個電腦服務支持者。我們已經從一個小小的電腦商鋪,漸漸轉變成為人認知的專業電腦維修及批發公司。

Company Profile - Boom City Electronic Company 

Boom City Electronic Company  - specializing in compu
ter-related products market, its core business is mainly concentrated in the retail and computer repair services.
Today, our range of services has been beyond Hong Kong, Boom City Electronic Company - offers a full range of DIY and professional quality computer peripherals, ranging from a network cable to the entire computer network systems, are everything.
Boom City Electronic Company  - began in 1999, starting in Hong Kong as a computer services supporters. We has grown from a small computer shop, gradually transformed into human cognition professional computer repair company.

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